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T.U.Z. – temporary utopian zone

Do, 15. August von 19:00 - Di, 3. September von 8:00

The T.U.Z. is a two week long residency which thematically wants Utopia to be a vehicel for artistic and critically commentation in the context of the PP.
The residency is an social and creative experiment where two artists work together to create a temporary utopian zone (literally) and/or work with other mediums and artistic ideas (in the context of the PP) with the construction of T.U.Z.

The investigation of Utopia and its consequences can have many outcomes and is not necessarily a joyful „rainbow“-event.
We suggest that there should be a critical approach to the Utopia-term and especially with the authorship which is implicit and the possiblilty of exclusion.
What is an Utopia to one can be a Dystopie to others!

Questions which might come up:
– Is a realistation of an Utopia even possible or is the moment it comes to live already the end of it?
– If the PP is already an utopian zone what would it need to spread it even wider?
– What does the PP needs to get closer to an utopian zone?
– Is it possible to have an Utopia with an universal validity or is it always personal?
– If Utopias are subjective how could it be possible to have multiple ones exciting par- allel to each other?
– Are T.U.Z even relevant if they happen in open spaces or do they have to happen in the public/urban sphere?
– …?

Thanks to the Landeshauptstadt Hannover Kulturbüro
we can welcome Una Hamilton-Helle and Janina Totzauer – stay excited about what will happen !
On august 16th we will have the Welcome Part „Kunst&Korn“ at the PLATZ Projekt (PLATZbar) – come and join us!


Do, 15. August von 19:00
Di, 3. September von 8:00

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